AccuBuild Software Manual

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The AccuBuild Help Contents document contains links to all of the accounting modules as well as the File Menu options (system administrator functions) and Help Menu options (miscellaneous contact and troubleshooting information).  Information in the Help Contents document may be easily searched for by typing in a word or phrase on the Search Tab and then clicking the List Topics Button.  The help program will then display all occurrences of the word or phrase within all modules.  Simply click on any topic to review the information or click Print to print the topic.


The online help documentation may also be accessed on each screen in each module but the search option is restricted to the specific module in which the screen is located.


Printed versions of the AccuBuild help documentation are available:


1. When a full version of AccuBuild is installed, the AccuBuild program directory will contain a subdirectory called PDF.  This folder will contain a user manual for each module in PDF format.  As of Version, the indvidual manuals for each module have been combined into a single PDF file called ALL.   Note: You must have Adobe Reader installed before you can print these manuals.  Visit to download a free copy of the program.


2. A printed soft-bound book of each manual may be purchased online from On Demand Manuals at  Click on the Bookstore Button at the bottom of the home page; click on Browse Aisles link at the top of the page; click on AccuBuild link.